Divine Heresy
Mathias Cronqvist shrine

  Welcome to "Divine Heresy" (formerly known as "Grief" and "Endless Darkness").
This is a shrine/tribute site about Mathias Cronqvist, the handsome, and intelligent tactician master (who later becomes Dracula) from the game "CastleVania: Lament of Innocence".

Oh, yes... Believe it or not, the site is back and all pimped out, with new design and the same terrible navigation mode, just revamped, debuged, and now under my complete control in the Hunters Network.

And what is this all about?
Well, I have here the most common content on this kind of sites, like official artwork, fan art, goodies, information, downloads and many more about him.

So, if you love, like or worship him, you came to the right place.
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Any comments, suggestions, contributions, questions, please refer to the "site" section.
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Enjoy your stay!

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